John Blackwell: Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Public and Private Sectors

Today's guest on Innovation Insights is John Blackwell. John is President and CEO of Diamond Age Technology, an R&D laboratory in Houston, Texas. Diamond Age Technology focuses on practical implementations of media technologies, including augmented and virtual reality for clients in the government, industrial and corporate sectors.


Developing the VALOR platform is one of Diamond Age Technology’s primary focuses at the moment. VALOR stands for Virtual and Augmented Laboratory for Objective Realities.

VALOR is a high fidelity mixed reality simulation environment that is designed for testing and training. Essentially the industry specific applications that can be built with it are endless. 

VALOR has already generated huge excitement within certain industries with its potential - from airlines, to trucking, to medical, to chemical, every time they demonstrate the platform, people light up with ideas for how to apply it to their industry. 


Virtual reality is where you have an entire virtual space around you. The environment, the objects in it: everything is a virtual construct. Augmented reality, on the other hand, is where you wear a headset, but look at the real world.  

The spectrum between them is mixed reality, meaning that the environment is simulated but the objects are real, even though a virtual one is backing it. 

Spatial computing is the thing that ties all of these together. 

Key takeaways:

  • Why remaining agile as a company is critical in this environment of rapid technological progress
  • VALOR platform
  • The benefits of AR and VR technology to training first responders and saving lives, saving the environment and saving capital
  • How spatial computing will affect a categorical change in industry
  • The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality and where spatial computing fits in
  • What needs to happen in the environment for this technology to continue to be successful
  • What companies can do right now to get ready to implement this emerging technology

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